Uncovering the Unknown Unknowns

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Episode 4

Often, the biggest challenge with analyzing the security posture of your embedded systems lies in discovering the unknown unknowns. In this episode of the Embedded Security Vidcast, we will discuss how to identify gaps in your knowledge of what is hidden in the binaries of your complex embedded software. The tools or methodologies you are using may not uncover certain file formats. So you may unknowingly have large gaps in the findings of your cybersecurity analysis. This episode explains how you can address the issue of cybersecurity “unknowns”, by using tools and methodologies that help you get a more complete picture of the software composition of your complete system.

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Adam Boulton

Chief Technology Officer
BlackBerry Technology Solutions

Ian Todd

Director, IoT Cyber Security Services
BlackBerry QNX

Cris Sinnott

Senior Director Engineering
BlackBerry Jarvis

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